Citizens Advice South Derbyshire and City offers free, confidential and independent advice on personal debt. 

Through the money advice process, which would involve an interview with one of our money advisers, we will explore your situation and help you to identify and prioritise your debts. We may be able to identify ways in which your income could be maximised, such as any benefit entitlement you may have; and we will review any loan and credit agreements that you have signed to ensure that they are enforceable.

Our money adviser will help you to complete an income and expenditure form to help identify what options you have with regard to your debts. This could involve negotiating affordable repayments to creditors through to assisting you to apply for bankruptcy if this option were necessary. Our advisers are also accredited to apply for Debt Relief Orders and can offer assistance and representation in connection with court and other legislative processes.

We can help and advise clients with problems that range from the difficulties of managing on a low income, to the complicated problems of multiple debts.

Our money advisers understand that debt problems can be distressing and the situation can be confusing. They do not make judgments about how a client is spending his or her money. They also do not underestimate your self-reliance and ability. Where a client takes a more active role in exploring the choices available, there is more likelihood of them sticking to a particular course of action, and being able to manage any similar problems in the future. Our debt advisers can advise and support you if you feel confident enough to deal with your debts yourself.

We are unable to advise on business debts.  You can access support