If you’ve been booked an appointment this is likely to be because of the additional complexities of your enquiry. To help us provide the most accurate and effective advice it is vital you come to your appointment prepared. When we book your appointment, we will ask you to bring information with you.

For general appointments please bring with you:

  • Any forms we’ve agreed to help with,
  • Any benefit award letters, so we can check you’re getting everything available,
  • Any debt letters if you are in arrears or struggling to pay,

If you have a specialist appointment, we’ll discuss what to bring but may include:

  • For a form-filling appointment, your form plus any relevant medical documentation,
  • For an energy appointment, your most recent bill/statement or your online account login details,
  • For a money/debt appointment, your most recent bank statements (or online login details), all your creditor letters, major bills (rent, council tax, etc.) and any financial agreements you’ve made (eg. hire purchase, or loan agreements).